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GTS on the YouTube Channel

Do you know…. Why your pressure gauge needle is not on zero? The answer is on GTS YouTube Channel. Click on the link to see the video    

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YouTube Channel: Range tecsis temperature

Check out the range of tecsis temperature from available from GTS  

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Turbine Flowmeter – Model 1100

Blancett Flowmeter – Designed to withstand the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications of water and other liquids, the Model 1100 Turbine Flowmeter feature rugged stainless steel and tungsten carbide construction. For a complete system, the B3000 Series Flow

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Level Sensors Series T/LL 171

The Model T/LL171 series level sensors are designed to continuously measure the height of the fuel level in a tank providing a 4-20 mA signal output. Fully featured for use in difficult and hostile environments, the sensor has a very

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Ultrasonic Flowmeters: Doppler vs Transit Time

Ultrasonic Flowmeters use the doppler (for suspended particles) or transit time (for clean fluids) methods for measurement. They are a great after-thought option for flow measurement, as the installation cost next to nothing compared with a traditional meter. No need

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Force: Sensors & Transducers

GTS can supply custom built, high accuracy, load cells and force sensors, in a number of configurations: Tension and Compression Load Cells, Shear Beam & Bending Beam, Single Point Parallel Beam, Load Pins, Torque Sensors, and Inclination Sensors. From standard

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DXN Portable Test Kit

The DXN Portable Test Kit uses ultrasonic sensors to measure liquid flow. No need to cut pipes, or shut down systems, just strap the ultrasonic sensors to the outside of the pipe, and the DXN can record flow data over

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Mechanical Level Gauge: Model GLL63 Series

The Model GLL63 series mechanical level gauge is a float operated, mechanical liquid level gauge. Installation is as simple as screwing it into your tank.  No wiring to worry about. KISS principle at its best! More information contact our sales

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How to order a tecsis pressure switch?

What do you need to know when ordering a Pressure Switch from GTS? The answer is in this short GTS video.        

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Pressure Transmitter tecsis model P3251

The tecsis model P3251 pressure transmitter has a front flush diaphragm that prevents the transmitter orifice from getting blocked. Great for slurries and mud in pump applications, where particles and sludge can harden inside you transmitter, making the unit ineffective.

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