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GTS stocks a large range of Pressure Gauges

GTS stocks a large range of Pressure Gauges our range starts from Vacuum gauges (negative pressures), to compound gauges (both negative and positive pressures) and pressure gauges up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar). We carry loads of accessories for pressure

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Clever Level Switches

Clever Level Switches are designed for level detection of liquids, solids and powders. With a compact Stainless Steel body, these switches can sense levels, even when the sensor is completely covered. So good for grease,oil or Nutella! These sensors can

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Model TLL70 Series: Vertical Float Switch

The TLL70 Vertical Float Switch from Fozmula is a multi-float level switch, custom built to your specific requirements. Automatically turn on/off your generators, pumps, diesel and water tanks, without worry of ever running dry, or over-flowing. More information on the

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Irrigation Flowmeter Low Cost

The EZ-View® variable area flowmeter from Badger Meter Europa  are rugged, low-cost mechanical reading meters. They are simple to install in any orientation vertically, horizontally or diagonal without sacrificing measurement performance. You can find the best price at GTS Gauges.

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What do you need to know when ordering a Pressure Switch from GTS?

What do you need to know when ordering a Pressure Switch from GTS? The answer is in this short GTS video. (Click on the image to see the video)

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Ultrasonic Flowmeters use the Doppler vs Transit Time

Ultrasonic flowmeters use the doppler (for suspended particles) or transit time (for clean fluids) methods for measurement. They are a great after-thought option for flow measurement, as the installation cost next to nothing compared with a traditional meter. No need

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Pressure Transmitters P3297

Pressure Transmitter P3297 robustness and long-term stability during operation are the strengths of this compact pressure sensor for general industrial applications. Besides the compact design, the P3297 offers excellent quality at an extremely competitive price. More information on GTS website

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D-Shackle Load Cells

D-Shackle Load Cells are designed for lifting and weighing in rugged or harsh environment. They provide a simple and reliable method of measuring a wide range of weights and loads. For more information contact the GTS team on Ph 08

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GTS Temperature Switches

GTS Temperature Switches, available with switch points from 38-140 degC, Normally Open or Normally Closed, easily adaptable 1/8″NPT thread.

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Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Flowmeter are such a great solution for Flow Measurement. No shutdown, No cutting of pipe, No welding of flanges. Just strap the sensors to the outside of the pipe. Contact GTS to assist in getting the right Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Variable Area Flowmeter

Variable Area Flowmeters are the best low cost solution for oil and water flow measurement. They are simple to install in any orientation, vertical or horizontal, without sacrificing measurement performance. Visit our website for more information:

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Coolant Level Alarm Model: S85

The Model S85 Coolant Level Alarm Switch is an active device which is designed to give an alarm signal if fluid falls below or rises above a present level. It will signal after 10 seconds delay, to eliminate false alarms

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