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Pressure Transmitters P3297

Pressure Transmitter P3297 robustness and long-term stability during operation are the strengths of this compact pressure sensor for general industrial applications. Besides the compact design, the P3297 offers excellent quality at an extremely competitive price. More information on GTS website

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Flo-Tech Range

GTS are the proud Australian distributors for the Flo-tech range of flow meter and testers.

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Adjustable Temperature Switch

Adjustable Temperature Switch is now available from GTS. This brass body switch has an adjustment range of 10-149 degC, so it can be field adjusted. And with the 1/8″NPt thread it can be easily adapter to most common threads.? For

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Thank you for visiting our stand at AOG

Thank you everyone for coming and visiting our stand at AOG last week. We had a good time together and look forward to working with you in the future.

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DC400 Digital Pressure Gauge

The DC400 digital pressure gauge from tecsis is the ideal solution for a local, accurate pressure display. Selectable ranges (bar/psi/MPa), accuracy(0.5% FS), reliability and extremely good mechanical loading capability are the outstanding characteristics of this product. Ideal for hydraulic and

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DXN Portable Test Kits

The DXN Portable Test Kits uses ultrasonic sensors to measure liquid flow. No need to cut pipes, or shut down systems, just strap the ultrasonic sensors to the outside of the pipe, and the DXN can record flow data over

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EZ Variable Area Flowmeter

The EZ- View Variable Area Flowmeter is the best low cost solutions for oil and water flow measurement. The are simple to install in any orientation, vertical to horizontal, etc. without sacrificing measurement performance. GTS is an Australian Agent for

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TLL200 Liquid Level Sensor

The TLL200 Liquid Level Sensor has no moving parts and utilises hydrostatic technology incorporating a pressure transducer to measure the height of liquid. The flexible tube allows the sensor to be fitted easily and to deep tanks where a swing

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Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flow Meters Mag Flow Meters are ideally suited for flow measurement of all liquids with no obstruction and no pressure drop. These meters are very accurate and the flow measurement is independent of density, temperature and pressure of the

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Happy Easter 2016!

Happy Easter! GTS will be closed for the Easter break on Friday 25th March, and opening again on Tuesday 29th March. We wish you all Safe and Happy Easter! Forget the calories, eat as much chocolate as you can!

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