TLL 122 Adjustable Float Switch

The Fozmula TLL122 Adjustable Float Switch can be adjusted ON-SITE, by the user, to suit the desired switch point. Simply cut the stem with a pipe cutter to the length you need, and fit the head with a nut and olive, giving you a male 1″BSP male thread to mount with. It is also possible to change the switching contact between Normally Open and Normally Closed, by rotating the float 180 degrees.

Great for when you need a single float switch for your water, fuel or oil tank.
More information on the GTS website or contact with

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RCT 1000 Coriolis Flowmeter

New RCT1000 Coriolis mass flowmeter identifies flow rate by directly measuring mass flow and density of fluids over a wide range of process temperature with a high degree of accuracy.

RCT1000 can directly and accurately measure mass, density and temperature of vegetable oils, fuels and fats, homogeneous suspensions and slurries, adhesive, glue or binding materials, coatings and hardeners, dyes, fragrances, vitamins and other additives

More information on the GTS Website or contact with ours sales department:





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EZ View Flowmeters: YouTube Channel

EZ View Flowmeters are a great for when you need a flow rate, but have no power. Check out all the details in this GTS video. Share with your friends.

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Adjustable Temperature Switch

Adjustable Temperature Switch is now available from GTS. This brass body switch has an adjustment range of 10-149 degC, so it can be field adjusted. And with the 1/8″NPt thread it can be easily adapter to most common threads.? For more information, contact

Adjustable Temperature Swich

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Attachable LCD Digital Indicator

The tecsis Attachable LCD Digital Indicator is designed to give a local display, on existing transmitters. No wiring is required.

Just remove the DIN plug from your 4-20mA sensor, and program the range (pressure, temp, flow, etc.). Programming is done via flush mounted keys below the front cover.

Great if you want local display on an existing system.

More information on the GTS Website or contact with ours Sales Department:

LCD Display

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Fozmula TLL70 Float Level Switch

TLL 70

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day

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Variable Area Flow Meter

Low cost Irrigation

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Fozmula TLL130 Liquid Level Sensor

TLL130 water pic

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Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017

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