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Fuel Level Sensor

The Model T/LL171 series Fuel Level Sensor, is a range of highly advanced sensors designed to continuously measure the height of the fuel level in a tank and provides a 4-20 mA output. Fully featured for use in difficult and

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Download the GTS Converter App

Download the GTS Converter APP The GTS Converter App includes conversions for; pressure, temperature, flow, force, volume, length and weight Free on you mobile GTS Converter App! Available from your Android Play Store, or Apple Itunes

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Bluetooth Pressure Transmitters

The first Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Transmitters The Bluetooth Pressurre Transmitters has long battery life and patent pending design makes the Bluetooth Pressure Transmitters a perfect fit for many applications for Industrial and Home Automation. Download the free app You can

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GLL 43 Series Vertical Gauge

The Model G/LL43 Series Vertical Spiral Gauge is a mechanically operated liquid level gauge. It is mounted from the top of the tank so as the liquid level changes, the float follows that change, and uses a magnetic coupling to

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DEUMO Hand Held Tachometers

Hand Held Tachometers by DEUMO German manufactured mechanical and operates according to the Eddy Current Principle. This precision measuring instrument offers: high accuracy, maintenance – free operation, simple and easy scale reading, change over of measuring range, independent sense of

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