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Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Mag Flow Meters are ideally suited for flow measurement of all liquids with no obstruction and no pressure drop. These meters are very accurate and the flow measurement is independent of density, temperature and pressure of the medium. The excellent

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Level Alarm Switch

Fozmula Model S85 Level ALarm Switch Coolant Level Alarm Switch is an active device which is designed to give an alarm signal if fluid falls below or rises above a present level. It will only signal after a few seconds delay,

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GTS is NATA Accredited and can Certify Your Gauge Today!

GTS is accredited by NATA, the National Testing Authority Association. With expert lab technicians and a complete lab built on site, GTS can take any gauge from the stock on our shelves and have it calibrated and shipped out to

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Pressure Switches S4250

Tecsis Pressure Switches S4250 with a membrane or piston sensing element, and one switched output with changeover contact, and adjustable hysteresis for converting pneumatic and hydraulic pressures into an electrical switching signal. Features Adjustable hysteresis L – plug DIN EN

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