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DC400 Digital Pressure Gauge

The DC400 digital pressure gauge from tecsis is the ideal solution for a local, accurate pressure display. Selectable ranges (bar/psi/MPa), accuracy(0.5% FS), reliability and extremely good mechanical loading capability are the outstanding characteristics of this product. Ideal for hydraulic and

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DXN Portable Test Kits

The DXN Portable Test Kits uses ultrasonic sensors to measure liquid flow. No need to cut pipes, or shut down systems, just strap the ultrasonic sensors to the outside of the pipe, and the DXN can record flow data over

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EZ Variable Area Flowmeter

The EZ- View Variable Area Flowmeter is the best low cost solutions for oil and water flow measurement. The are simple to install in any orientation, vertical to horizontal, etc. without sacrificing measurement performance. GTS is an Australian Agent for

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TLL200 Liquid Level Sensor

The TLL200 Liquid Level Sensor has no moving parts and utilises hydrostatic technology incorporating a pressure transducer to measure the height of liquid. The flexible tube allows the sensor to be fitted easily and to deep tanks where a swing

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Temperature V-Shaped Thermometers

Bet you haven’t seen on of these for a while??? Yes they are getting rare these days, but GTS carries V-Shaped Thermometers on the shelf. They are used a lot in Shipping and Plant applications. Various temperature ranges and stem

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