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EZ View Flowmeters: YouTube Channel

EZ View Flowmeters are a great for when you need a flow rate, but have no power. Check out all the details in this GTS video. Share with your friends.

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Adjustable Temperature Switch

Adjustable Temperature Switch is now available from GTS. This brass body switch has an adjustment range of 10-149 degC, so it can be field adjusted. And with the 1/8″NPt thread it can be easily adapter to most common threads.? For

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Attachable LCD Digital Indicator

The tecsis Attachable LCD Digital Indicator is designed to give a local display, on existing transmitters. No wiring is required. Just remove the DIN plug from your 4-20mA sensor, and program the range (pressure, temp, flow, etc.). Programming is done

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Fozmula TLL70 Float Level Switch

The Fozmula TLL70 is a multi-float level switch, custom built to your specific requirements. Automatically turn on/off your generators, pumps, diesel and water tanks, without worry of ever running dry, or over-flowing. More information on the GTS Website or contact

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with YOU.

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Variable Area Flow Meter

The EZ-View® variable area Flow Meters are rugged, low-cost mechanical reading meters. They are simple to install in any orientation vertically, horizontally or diagonal without sacrificing measurement performance.

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Fozmula TLL130 Liquid Level Sensor

The Fozmula TLL130 is a liquid level sensor which provides a continuous output of tank level in either resistance or voltage formats. Available for tank depths between 200 mm and 2000 mm it can be used in any liquids compatible

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Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017! GTS will be closed for the Easter break on Friday 14th April, and opening again on Tuesday 18th April. We wish you all a Safe and Happy Easter! Forget the calories, eat as much chocolate as you

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The Oval Gear Flowmeters

The Oval Gear Flowmeters are an economical flowmeter with a highly accurate and rugged design. Ideally suited for the process, petrochemical, food and beverage industries, and almost all batching and flowmetering applications. Contact with the GTS Sales Department for more

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Bluetooth Pressure Test kits

Bluetooth Pressure Test kits now available from GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches You can order the Bluetooth Pressure Transmitters in Kit Form. Fully customisable kit, you choose how many transmitters you want (up to 6), what accuracy you need, what adapters

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TLL352 Fuel sensor Heavy Duty

Fozmula TLL352 Fuel Sensor Heavy Duty, no moving parts. Multiple lengths in stock, or custom built to suit your needs. 4-20mA output, or other ouputs signals available. Ideal for remote diesel tanks.  

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Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeters use the doppler (for suspended particles) or transit time (for clean fluids) methods for measurement. They are a great after-thought option for flow measurement, as the installation cost next to nothing compared with a traditional meter. No need

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