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Vision Turbine Flowmeters

The Vision Turbine Flowmeters from Badgermeter are ideal for the measurement of small quantities of liquid. These meters are best suited for: water, oil, beverages and fuel consumption. Low cost, compact construction, easy installation and now ON STOCK at GTS.

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Hedland Variable Area Flowmeters

Hedland Variable Area Flowmeters are the best low cost solution for oil and water flow measurement. They are simple to install in any orientation, vertical or horizontal, without sacrificing measurement performance. Call us today for more information ph 08 9250

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Mechanical Level Gauges GLL63 Series

The Model GLL63 Series Mechanical Level Gauge from @fozmula  is a float operated, mechanical liquid level gauge. Installation is as simple as screwing it into your tank. No wiring to worry about. KISS principle at its best! Call us today

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