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Built Tough—The P2316 Heavy-Duty Pressure Gauge

The Tecsis P2316 has two primary advantages: the material that it’s made from and the size of its dial. 160 millimeters in size, the P2316 features a dial that plays to its advantage in certain difficult environments. Easily being able

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Self-Calibrating Time Saver — TLL352

Save Time: The Fozmula TLL352 is a capacitance-type liquid level sensor that is designed for the continuous measuring of the contents of a tank. The TLL352 has the benefit of saving their user’s time through its ability of recalibrating itself

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Sending Signal To Your Tacho — KUS Magnetic Pick-Ups

How Magnetic Pick-Ups Work: Tachometers require a specific type of sender to acquire a signal. Magnetic pick-ups, also known as tacho sensors or mag pick-ups, connect to the gear box and uses magnetized fields to determine the rotational speed of

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