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GTS 2021 Product Guide Out Now!

The All-New GTS 2021 Product Guide is now available! Featuring the brand new product ranges for the KUS line of marine and generator engine monitoring products as well as the new range of PDK Digital Gauges and Test Kits.The new

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Long-Service Life & Limited Tank Intrusion — The S285 + S286

The Fozmula S285 Coolant Level Switch and S286 Oil Level Swich are capacitance-type level switches with no moving parts, reducing maintenance and adding to their long-service life. With a ten second delay as standard to eliminate false alarms, the S285

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No Moving Parts & Accurate — ModMAG Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The Badger Meter ModMAG range of electromagnetic flowmeters are easy-to-maintain and long-lasting and offer a range of options to suit any flow metering system. They offer high-accuracy and low maintenance, allowing you to meet the challenges of difficult fluid conditions.

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Long-Lasting & Tough — The TLL130

With no moving parts, the Fozmula TLL130 Level Sensor is long-lasting and tough. With a default output of 10–180 Ohms and lengths of up to 2000mm in-stock now, the TLL130 is designed to fit a variety of tanks. GTS can

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Easy, Ongoing Maintenance — KUS Programmable Hourmeter

The KUS 52mm Programmable Hourmeter is an easy-to-install gauge that can be set to any figure to ensure easy, ongoing maintenance. With the option for either an orange or yellow backlight, the KUS Programmable Hourmeter also includes a wiring loom,

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No Tank Leakage — The GLL28

The Fozmula GLL28 Mechanical Level Gauge is purpose built to prevent your tank from leaking if any damage comes to the gauge head. The solid flange that acts as a sealed barrier between your tank and the level gauge is

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Fast Diagnostic Troubleshooting — The PFM6

The Flo-Tech PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Test Kits are lightweight, compact and portable, and are designed for the fast diagnostic troubleshooting of both mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. The PFM6 is a self-contained unit that features high accuracy and can provide

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Built Tough—The P2316 Heavy-Duty Pressure Gauge

The Tecsis P2316 has two primary advantages: the material that it’s made from and the size of its dial. 160 millimeters in size, the P2316 features a dial that plays to its advantage in certain difficult environments. Easily being able

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Self-Calibrating Time Saver — TLL352

Save Time: The Fozmula TLL352 is a capacitance-type liquid level sensor that is designed for the continuous measuring of the contents of a tank. The TLL352 has the benefit of saving their user’s time through its ability of recalibrating itself

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Sending Signal To Your Tacho — KUS Magnetic Pick-Ups

How Magnetic Pick-Ups Work: Tachometers require a specific type of sender to acquire a signal. Magnetic pick-ups, also known as tacho sensors or mag pick-ups, connect to the gear box and uses magnetized fields to determine the rotational speed of

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A Tough Turbine — The B1100

Turbine flow meters are a multi-functional flow meter than can be applied to many different flow measuring applications. Turbine flow meters contain a small turbine wheel supported by a shaft held in place by bearings. The mechanical energy from the

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Front-Flush Diaphragm – Tecsis P3251

The primary benefit of using a pressure transmitter with a front-flush diaphragm is that it separates the internal mechanics of the pressure transmitter from the media itself is measuring. A pocket of hydraulic fluid leading to the internal diaphragm prevents

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