The NEW GTS Facebook Counter!


Take a step into the GTS Storefront and you will be greeted by our BRAND NEW Facebook counter. The counter is directly connected to the amount of likes GTS has on its Facebook page. The best thing about this counter though is the flick-flick-flick noise the counter produces every time GTS gets a new like. It tends to send the office into a bit of a tizzy and gives everyone a slight boost in morale.

The importance of social media is not to be underestimated. We have a reliance on word of mouth about our exceptional sales service and our quality range of products, and now it’s time to extend our reach. Social media helps make this possible, bringing more attention to all the hard work the staff here at GTS do every single day.

If you think you can help us out, increase our exposure and get those boards turning than share the GTS Facebook page around with your colleagues, friends and even your Mum!

While you’re at it, also check out our Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube pages. We’re always updating our social media feeds with important information, announcements and product knowledge, so be sure to check back regularly in order to keep up-to-date with the latest in the instrumentation industry.

So what are you waiting for, get down to the GTS Facebook page (and our other socials!) and give us a like and send the office, and the Facebook counter, into a complete spin!

For whatever instrument you need, contact GTS HERE, or call our sales staff on
(08) 9250 4400.

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The Vision Turbine 1000, 2000 & 3000 (Blog Post)

The Vision Turbine Flowmeters are the perfect solution for your flow performance measuring needs. They are ideal for metering small quantities of liquids with both the present flow rate and the total flow rate available to be displayed. Vision Turbines were made for measuring low-viscosity fluids and liquids that are considered non-aggressive. They feature a mechanical construction which is simple in design and that lends an extension to service life without any decrease in accuracy.

If you have a liquid measurement demand, then the range of Vision Turbine flowmeters has you covered. They are a cost-effective and energy efficient quality product that will help your business in the long run by lowering operating costs by  controlling and monitoring liquid dispensation. They were designed specifically to improve the optimisation and ongoing performance of a wide range of products in a wide range of industries.


Let’s have a closer look:

The Vision 1000 series is most suited for smaller flow rates with a range from 0.1–2.5 litres per minute. The Vision 1000 features a G1/4″BSPP thread with a PPL of 22,000.

The Vision 2000 is more flexible and has differing LPM ranges available. The available LPM ranges for the Vision 2000 start at 1–10 LPM and go all the way up to 2–35 LPM. The Vision 2000 also has a Brass material option available that has an LPM range of 3–25. All Vision 2000 models come with a G3/8″BSPP thread.

The Vision 3000 Turbine Flowmeter is for larger scale flow measurement. It features an LPM range of 5–65 LPM with a G3/4″BSPP thread.

You cannot manage, what you cannot measure, and with the Vision Turbine Flowmeters, supplied by GTS, you will be able to optimise the performance of your equipment and secure the success of your business.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our amazing team today on (08) 9250 4400 or contact GTS HERE.

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The NEW GTS Converter App for Apple and Android

There’s a brand new workhorse on the mobile market. The all-new and improved GTS Converter App is about to become the best tool in your truck.

Let’s go through the app:

Open the app, and you’ll immediately see the potential with the options to convert Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Force, Volume, Length and Weight. Each of these categories come with an assortment of specific measurement conversions inside. The ‘About’ option also features a direct link to the GTS website that features our product page and online shop where you can order gauges, switches, transmitters and whatever else you need.

Let’s take a look at pressure as an example:

Choose your category and you’ll see the field your entering into, the constraints of your conversion and the result. There’s also a switch option in case you want to reverse your input and outputs. From pressure we can convert psi, bar, mbar, MPa, kPa, Pa, plus more. And this is just one category. Pressure alone features twelve different conversion options and flow features ten.

Now let’s practice a conversion:

Say you open a product manual that specifies the pressure in psi, but with a gauge only displaying the pressure in bar. With the gauge reading 6 bar, we can quickly enter the details into the GTS Converter App and see that 6 bar is the equivalent to 87 psi. The app also gives us the option to copy this detail onto the phone’s clipboard to paste where necessary: whether communicating with a colleague or storing for reference later.

Download it now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you need anything else, contact GTS HERE or call GTS on (08) 9250 4400.

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The Tecsis P3961 Digital Pressure Gauge (Blog Post)

Introducing the Tecsis P3961 Digital Pressure Gauge. Never before has there been a digital pressure gauge quite like this one. It’s a monster of a gauge, packed full of features. Let’s start off with the easy-to-read LCD display. It’s a 7-segment LCD screen with 11 millimetre tall digits on-screen. The display also features a bar graph with a minimum and maximum trailing pointer function. It’s also first class in its accuracy category with 0.5% Full-Scale Accuracy rating, so you can trust the numbers.

Now let’s talk the heart of any gauge: the measuring range. This is what makes this particular Digital Pressure Gauge so damn impressive. With measuring ranges available of up to 700bar and a G1/4″ BSPP Bottom Connection and a solid Stainless Steel case, the P3961 is durable, hearty and undeniably tough.

The Tecsis P3961 has many applications for many different industries. This gauge can apply to machine construction, plant and apparatus construction, the hydraulic and pneumatic industry as well as use for measuring and monitoring equipment. There is nothing like our 80mm P3961 digital pressure gauge. It is the absolute and ideal solution for a pressure gauge with a local display that can operate completely independently with the replaceable battery allowing for the necessary measurements to be made without needing to be connected to a fixed power source.

No matter what job you have in store for it, the Tecsis P3961 Digital Pressure Gauge can handle it. With its durable Stainless Steel casing, its simple easy-to-read LCD display screen featuring 11 millimetre digits, its bar graph with a minimum and maximum trailing pointer function and the available measuring range of up to 700 bar, the P3961 is a monster of a gauge.

Get in touch with our sales team HERE, or give GTS a call on (08) 9250 4400 to secure your Digital Pressure Gauge today!

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COVID-19 Statement

To our GTS Community,

GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches is committed to the health and safety of our staff and customers and we continue to serve and support our many clients who are essential to keeping the country running. We have stock on the shelf, supply lines are open, and our NATA Accredited Lab is still knocking out work.

In-line with Australian government regulations and recommendations from the World Health Organisation, GTS is implementing procedures to ensure the health and safety of all our staff and customers.

The majority of our team of exceptional sales staff is now working remotely, but still operating at full capacity, providing our clients with the same quality of customer service that they are used to. GTS is also actioning tougher cleaning regimes and social distancing strategies; and we ask our customers and our staff to respect each other’s personal space. If you show symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone who is undergoing testing, PLEASE do not come into our shop. Instead, contact us on 9250 4400 or email and we will process your enquiry and ship your product to you.

This pandemic is unprecedented, and during these uncertain times, we ask you to please continue supporting your local Australian businesses. Not just GTS, but your local cafes, restaurants, bookstores and shops.

From everyone here at GTS, please stay safe, practice social distancing and good hygiene, and look after each other. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Greg Rankine
GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches

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2019 Christmas Closure

GTS wants to wish all our clients and customers a happy holidays and joyful festive season. GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches will be closed from the 20th December 2019 and reopen for standard business from the 6th January 2020. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you again in 2020!

In the meantime, for all your engineering instrumentation needs, whether it be pressure, level, temperature, flow or force, contact the friendly GTS Team on (08) 9250 4400 or email GTS HERE

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Oval gear Flowmeter Series LM-OG-I

Oval Gear Flowmeter Series LM-OG-I from Badger Meter Europa are volumetric flowmeters suited for liquids oil and water.

Call us today for more information Ph 08 9250 4400 or email

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Clever Level Switches

Clever Level Switches are designed for level detection of liquids, solids and powders.
With a compact Stainless Steel body, these switches can sense levels, even when the sensor is completely covered. So good for grease,oil or Nutella!
These sensors can even tell the difference between foam and a liquid.
Call us today for more information Ph 08 9250 4400 or email


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What do you need to know when ordering a Pressure Switch from GTS?

What do you need to know when ordering a Pressure Switch from GTS? The answer is in this short GTS video.

(Click on the image to see the video)

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Visit GTS at AOG 2018

AOG is only 1 weeks away!!!!
We invite you to come and visit our STAND D2, and see the new product available from GTS.
If you require a free invitation, please contact us at:

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GTS 2018 Product Guide Now Available!

The GTS 2018 Product Guide is now available in an electronic and print version.

Please let us know, how many copies you need for your office and we will be happy to send them to you.

Contact us at:

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Flo-Tech Range


GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches, proudly stocks and distributes a range of flowmeters and testers from the brand Flo-tech. Flo-tech is a leading and respected brand, that provides turbine meters for hydraulic fluids and portable testers, and has been for over 45 years.

Flo-tech provides dependable and durable, oil metering turbines that can operate at a high pressure, and they also provide GTS with hydraulic testers that are extremely accurate and reliable.

If you’re goal is reduce your expenses, and reduce your expensive vehicle and machine down time, than consider our range of Flo-tech products. With their highly advanced data logging capabilities and their ability to detect pressure spikes, the Flo-tech range of products are extremely cost effective and provide you with the opportunity to complete preemptive maintenance and stop repairs before they need to happen.

For easy power pack and system troubleshooting, the Flo-tech portable testers provide the best option. With built-in loading valves and a range of other specialties, the Flo-tech range has your maintenance needs sorted!

Operator safety is always a high priority, which is why the internal burst discs guarantee it. This also comes with the added benefit or minimising the costly clean-ups and system refills.

With GTS being an Australian agent, most of our Flo-tech products are EX-STOCK, you know what that means … we’ve got them right here, sitting on the shelf, ready and waiting for you. This means fast delivery times and low-shipping costs, benefits that we can pass on straight to you, our valued client and customer.

Badger Meter also has dedicated sales offices for their Flo-tech range that provides local and worldwide support for Flo-tech products.

And don’t forget, our exceptional sales staff are always willing to help out. You’re always welcome in the GTS store, located at 6 Dayana Close, Midvale Western Australia. Or you can always give our staff a call on (08) 6117 1294 or send an email through to and we’ll help you out.

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