Tough & Accurate — The Fozmula TLL171

Liquid level sensors operate in order to determine if a liquid or oil exists at a particular level in a tank. Capacitive liquid level sensors use two conductive electrodes in a circuit. The electrodes, a short distance away from each other, complete a circuit when they are immersed in a fluid. Capacitive liquid level sensors have the advantage of easily being able to detect the rising or falling of liquid in a tank or container, and with no moving parts, generally have a long service life. The electrodes, existing at the same height as the tank, allows the capacitance between the electrodes to be measured. When there is no capacitance, there is no liquid, when there is full capacitance, there is a full tank. The full and empty measurements are recorded and a calibrated meter shows the liquid level.

The Fozmula TLL171 Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor is an ideal instrument for shallow tanks in hostile environments. It is both tough and accurate and has no moving parts to maintain, adding to its long service life. The durable hexagon header houses all the important electronics and allows the TLL171 to leave a very small real estate footprint on your system, making it perfect for smaller tanks. Outputting a 4-20 mA signal and available in lengths anywhere up to 500mm, the TLL171 proves itself to be a staple in liquid measurement industries.

GTS stocks a large range of the Fozmula TLL171, specifically for diesel. Despite only keeping diesel in-stock, GTS provides our customers with the option to custom build your TLL171 for other fluids such as water, coolant or petrol. With a 1/2″ BSPT thread, no moving parts and a large range of sizes and custom options available, the TLL171 is tough, reliable and accurate and perfect for your system.

Visit the GTS Product Shop to get your TLL171 today, or contact the GTS Team on (08) 9250 4400 to learn more now!

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Adjust Your Knob At Work! — The GTS Adjustable Block Pressure Switch

New and in-stock now at GTS, the GTS Adjustable Block Pressure Switch offers their users an adjustable switch setting knob that allows the switch point to be modified in-process. Able to be mounted in any position, the GTS Adjustable Block Switch also features a setting knob that is large enough to be operated while wearing protective equipment, like gloves. The block switch also comes with a lockable grub screw that fixes your switch point in place, accessed through an included Allen key. Available in a variety of adjustable pressure ranges, and with a G1/4” BSPP male or female thread connection (subject to pressure range), the GTS Adjustable Block Pressure Switch is reliable, durable and best of all, flexible to fit what you need.

Visit the GTS Product Shop to get yours GTS Block Pressure Switch now, or contact the GTS Team to learn more on (08) 9250 4400.


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Don’t Settle For Less — The TFX-5000

Don’t settle for less.

The Dynasonics TFX-5000 Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter offers only the very best solution in flowmeter technology. The Ultrasonic means of flow measurement employs the use of constantly emitting sound waves into a pipe to register the rate of a fluid’s movement. This method of flow measurement is both accurate, and best of all, non-invasive, allowing the operator to procure a flow rate without having to cut into the pipe and completely halt a process or system. Ultrasonic flowmeters distance themselves from traditional mechanical flowmeters as they contain no moving parts, which in the long-term, reduces ongoing maintenance costs and adds to the overall service life of the meter.

Using the transit-time system of measurement, the TFX-5000 uses transducers that send and receive waves in both upstream and downstream currents in the pipe, making the TFX-5000 bi-directional. By performing calculations of difference in time, the flowmeter acquires an accurate measurement that is then relayed to a large, easy-to-read digital display.

The TFX-5000 is designed to handle more fluids than simply water. Handling all clean liquids, the TFX-5000 can also handle fluids with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration. This allows it to be used in the measurement of surface water or raw sewage. In addition to being suitable for a wide variety of applications, the TFX-5000 also comes with an on-board data logging function with a time/date stamp feature that uses a digital clock to stamp alarms, log flow-rate and track velocities in real-time.

No matter what application you require, the TFX-5000 is guaranteed to be your best option. With a non-invasive installation method allowing you to keep your system operating while still being able measure flow, and compatible with a variety of fluids, don’t settle for less, get your TFX-5000 today.

Contact the GTS Team to learn more about the Dynasonics TFX-5000 on (08) 9250 4400, or get in touch through our contact form HERE.

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Prioritise Your Safety, Measure Pressure From A Distance — The TDWLB

Personal safety in the workplace is not something that should be taken lightly.

When you’re out doing field work, there’s nothing worse than being placed in an uncomfortable position where you feel your own well-being is at risk. At the end of the day, putting yourself in harm’s way is not worth it and shouldn’t be an option.

This is where the TDWLB Bluetooth Pressure Transmitter comes into the picture. The TDWLB is the first Certified Bluetooth® Wireless Transmitter that prioritises the personal safety of its user. It allows its operator to be a safe distance away from the machinery that is attempting to be measured. By simply downloading the free mobile or tablet application, the pressure measurements are wirelessly sent to your device of choice. This makes the TDWLB perfect for systems where you need to monitor the pressure from a safe distance, away from dangerous moving machinery.

In addition to putting your safety first, the TDWLB is also easy to install and to operate. Without the need of complicated wiring setups or hoses to install, the TDWLB comes away with a plug-in-and-play attitude. Simply connect it into your system, download the app and away you go. With a long battery life, pressure ranges from 50 psi up to 10,000 psi, 1% BFSL Accuracy and available in ¼” BSPP and ¼” NPT thread options, the TDWLB is accurate, reliable and flexible to fit a variety of different rigs. There are also custom options available; the accuracy can be improved to 0.25% and there is also the option to have a data logging function attached.

Prioritise your safety in the workplace with the TDWLB. Manufactured from quality materials, reliable and accurate, the TDWLB looks after you.

 Head on over to the GTS Product Shop to learn more or give our expert staff a call on (08) 9250 4400 to get your TDWLB today!

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Keep It Simple, Stupid —The Fozmula GLL63

Simple is good.

There’s nothing like buying a new part and expecting being able to use it straight away until you open the box, unfold the diagram and fail at installing it, leaving you confused and having to call customer support five minutes before they close.

This isn’t the story with the GLL63.

The Fozmula GLL63 follows the K.I.S.S. principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid!

When you take your GLL63 home, it comes already assembled. Simply screw it in to the tank you’re using and it’s ready to go. The GLL63 is built from the quality materials you would expect from Fozmula: a 316 stainless steel spiral, polypropylene float and a solid head which prevents any of the media the gauge is measuring leaking into the gauge, protecting its longevity and guaranteeing results over the long term.

The GLL63 is compatible with most popular construction fluids: diesel, oil and water, and also offers its users flexibility in stem length as well. Available in depths from 130mm up to 1200mm, the GLL63 suits most common-sized tanks. It also comes equipped with a standard 1½” BSP thread connection.

Easy-to-install, reliable, affordable and manufactured from quality, the GLL63 is perfect for whatever application you need.

Head over to our Product Shop to learn more about the GLL63 or give our helpful staff a call on (08) 9250 4400 to get your GLL63 today.

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Your First Choice — The P2325/P2329 Tecsis Pressure Gauge

The 100mm P2325/P2329 Pressure Gauge by Tecsis is a staple amongst pressure gauges. A consistent best-seller, the P2325/P2329 is tested, reliable and always on the shelf. The bottom-entry P2325 and the rear-entry P2329 share the same features and benefits between them, except offer a different thread position to fit your system.

Both gauges are made from tough and durable stainless steel materials and are purpose-built to survive difficult environments. Designed for tough conditions, the P2325/P2329 can deal with harsh circumstances and are resistant to aggressive media. Depending on your system requirements, GTS also supplies a variety of different dial and scale modifications in-store, as well as front and rear flanges. With, an accuracy class of 1.0, and for use up to full-scale value, the P2325/P2329 pressure gauge gives its users options to procure the most accurate results. GTS also offers its customers complimentary glycerine-filling, if you require it. Glycerine filling helps to dampen pulsating pressures and mechanical vibrations and is also used as lubrication to protect the internal parts of the gauge, adding to its longevity and maintaining its accuracy.

The P2325/P2329 is available in measuring ranges from vacuum all the way up to 15,000 psi and features all stainless steel parts as well as the option to buy your gauge and get it NATA Certified in-house at GTS. A tough, reliable and honest gauge no matter the situation, make the P2325/P2329 your first choice.

Visit our online shop to get your gauge today, contact GTS HERE or call us on (08) 9250 4400 to learn more.

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Save Your Gauge! — 100% Australian Made Semmler Gauge Saver Snubbers

The 100% Aussie Made Semmler Gauge Saver Snubbers extend the life of your gauge by isolating the pressure medium from the gauge itself. Consisting of a hollow body, the Semmler Gauge Savers carry a liquid-filled, compressible sack, and restrictor plug, allowing pressure to enter through the sealed snubber body and press the sack liquid through the restrictor into the gauge. This allows fluctuating pressures to be dampened by the restrictor, providing both steady and accurate gauge readings while protecting your gauge from the pressure medium that it is measuring.

Designed for a broad range of applications, the Semmler Gauge Savers provide a host of benefits to their user. They are compatible with pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi (69,000 kPa). They provide accurate readings, with the snubbing effect reducing needle oscillation to an absolute minimum. They work at extending the life of your gauge by isolating the pressure medium from the gauge itself, minimising gauge maintenance and gauge replacement. The Semmler Gauge Savers also require no factory fitting or installation service, they can be fitted on site which make these snubbers low-cost, with low-mess installation. Depending on the necessary application, they are also available in brass, stainless steel and high-tensile steel materials.

The Semmler Gauge Saving Snubbers are the perfect pressure accessory to extend the life of your gauge by protecting your gauge from extreme media without any loss of accuracy.

Contact the GTS Team HERE, or give our expert staff a call on (08) 9250 4400 and get your Semmler Gauge Saver Snubber today!

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The Ultimate in Flow Measurement — The Dynasonics DXN

Using soundwaves to discover the velocity of a liquid travelling in a pipe, ultrasonic flowmeters use advanced technology to determine flow rate. Ultrasonic flowmeters generally use two formulas for their measurements: Transit Time and Doppler Effect. The Dynasonics DXN has the distinct advantage of being a hybrid ultrasonic flow meter, meaning, the instrument can automatically choose the optimal type of flow measurement system to read based on the specific signal that it’s receiving during operation.

Along with its advanced flow measurement system, the DXN also provides a host of other benefits. The device is portable, which allows its user the freedom to bring it on site, get the measurements and move on to the next location. It also bypasses the need for shutting down an entire operation or cutting into pipes with the DXN’s non-invasive installation method by using transducers that strap directly onto the outside of the pipe.

Featuring a large, easy-to-use touchscreen interface, full-colour graphing, wizard-based setup, data logging function with 1 GB on board storage and USB connectivity, the DXN is a feature packed, portable, hybrid, ultrasonic flow meter that only offers the very best in portable flow testing.

As always, you can contact the expert GTS Team HERE to learn more, or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.

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Custom Built To Fit What You Need — The TLL70

The TLL70 is a multi-float level switch that offers its users the versatility in being able to choose specific switch points and stem lengths without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Implementing the proven and reliable magnet and reed switch method—where two reeds change contact relative to the position of a passing magnet, creating a signal—the TLL70 offers flexibility in allowing up to 6 of these switches anywhere along the float’s stem. The TLL70 also offers stem lengths anywhere up to 2 metres in length, giving you the ability to adjust your float switch to fit the size of your tank. GTS custom builds and assembles these in our location in Midvale, allowing you to talk to someone local about what you need and allowing you to get it when you need it. The TLL70 is compatible with liquids such as diesel, water, kerosene and more, and is available with a 1” BSP thread connection.

So no matter the application, the TLL70 offers its users the flexibility to design the level switch to specifically fit what they need. With the option to have up 6 switch points, be anywhere up to 2 metres in length, compatible with most liquids and with a standard thread connection, the TLL70 is the perfect fit for what you need. Contact the GTS Team HERE to learn more, or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.

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Everything You Want in a Pressure Gauge — The P1454

As far as pressure gauges go, the 63mm P1454 pressure gauge by Tecsis offers a suite of features that will be sure to benefit a wide range of industries and applications. Housed in quality stainless steel, lending to its resistance to corrosive environments, the P1454 is durable and can survive harsh working conditions while never losing its accuracy. While stainless steel protects the outer layer of the gauge, the glycerine-filling protects the internal measuring system against wear from ongoing pulsating pressures and mechanical vibrations. The glycerine filling not only provides protection from these vibrations and pulsations, but it also has the added benefit of providing lubrication for all the internal moving parts within the gauge. With brass-wetted parts, a bottom thread connection and an accuracy class of 1.6, the P1454 is a quality gauge that offers everything you need in a gauge and more.

GTS stocks a broad selection of Tecsis P1454 pressure gauges in a variety of measuring ranges and threads. Offered in both a G1/4” BSPP parallel thread with a bar/psi dual scale dial, or 1/4” BSPT tapered thread with a kPa/psi dual scale dial, and with bar ranges from Vacuum all the way up to 1000 bar available, GTS has the stock in-store to supply what you need.

The 63mm P1454 pressure gauge by Tecsis is precise, accurate and durable. With stainless steel casing, brass wetted parts, glycerine-filling and an array of measuring ranges and thread options available, the P1454 is a versatile gauge ready to be catered to whatever application you have in mind. With plenty of stock on the shelf and a team of expert staff willing to help, contact GTS HERE to learn more, or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400 and get your P1454 pressure gauge today!

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No Pipe Cutting & No Plant Shutdown — The TFX-500W

By using sound waves to determine the rate of a liquid’s movement through a pipe, ultrasonic flowmeters are a flow monitoring system that are accurate and non-invasive, allowing their user to receive a measurement without cutting into pipes or shutting down entire systems. Unlike standard mechanical flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters contain no moving parts, reducing their ongoing maintenance costs and adding to their overall longevity.

The TFX-500W is an ultrasonic flowmeter implementing a transit-time measurement system. These systems use transducers that send and receive waves in both upstream and downstream currents in the pipe. By calculating the difference between time, the flowmeter produces an accurate measurement that is then transmitted to a large, easy-to-read digital display.

Designed specifically for the use of water, the TFX-500W carries with it the benefits of an ultrasonic, transit-time flowmeter. Featuring a clamp that secures on the outside of a pipe, the device stays true to its non-invasive nature, requiring no penetration of the pipe making it simple and easy to install. With sensor rail lengths available from 65–150mm and 65–300mm and stock on the shelves right now, contact GTS HERE to learn more, or give us a call on (08) 9250 4400 to secure your TFX-500w today!

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Pressure Switches and the benefits of an Adjustable Hysteresis

The GTS-PS is feature packed. With a snap-action micro switch, change over contact SPDT (Single-Pole, Double-Throw) and a compact and durable design, the German designed and manufactured GTS-PS is constructed from high-quality materials and is purpose built for longevity and reliability. The key advantage, however, is the adjustable hysteresis the GTS-PS features within its compact shell.

Hysteresis (also often referred to as differential) refers to the difference that occurs between the switching point and the reset point. The hysteresis functions to keep the switch point and the reset point from having the same value, and prevents the system from oscillating and becoming unstable. The advantage of an adjustable hysteresis is that it allows that range to be moved depending on the user’s application. It offers the opportunity to be precise with your switching and reset point, giving the operator more control over the overall performance of their engineering system.

The GTS-PS, with its adjustable hysteresis, is available in both an adjustable vacuum range,-0.85–0.15bar, as well as adjustable pressure ranges from 0.2–2 bar all the way up to 30–320 bar. It offers precise control over the hysteresis and is compact, durable and reliable. GTS supplies a full range of the GTS-PS and is also equipped to adjust the hysteresis to your required range. Contact the GTS team HERE to get in touch with one of our instrumentation experts, or give our sales team a call on (08) 9250 4400 today!

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