Tachometer Deumo 20,000 RPM


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Precision Hand Tachometer Deumo for fast and trouble-free measurement of speed and revolutions up to 20,000 r.p.m.


  • In situations where an all-purpose tachometer is needed for short term measurements
  • Ideal for use in servicing and maintenance


  • Mechanical operation, no power source necessary
  • Environmentally-friendly (e. g. no battery disposal)
  • High level of indicator accuracy
  • Independence of rotational direction
  • No maintenance
  • Various operational modes
  • Always ready for immediate use
  • Ease of use
  • Clearly laid out, easy to read scales
  • Switching between measurement ranges


  • Plastic housing
  • Rubber tip
  • Carrier funnel
  • Roller disc for determination of average and continual speeds

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Data Sheet 20,000 & 30,000 & 50,000 RPM