Dynasonic TFXL

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Model TFXL by Dynasonic.

Economical, non intrusive transit-time flowmeter
The Series TFXL ultrasonic flowmeter clamps onto the outside of a pipe and does not contact the internal liquid. This meter provides instantaneous rate and accumulated flows along with 4-20 mA and pulse outputs.
Compact integral mount systems can accommodate pipes/tubing DN15 to DN 50 (½” to 2”).
Remote mount systems are also available for pipe/tubing sizes DN 15 to DN 3000 (½” to 120”).


  • Measures liquids with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration (e.g. surface water, sewage)
  • Bi-directional flow measurement system. Totalizer options include forward, reverse and net total.
  • ULTRALINK™ software utility enables in-field flow meter configuration, calibration and troubleshooting, via laptop PC.
  • Compact enclosure uses large, easy-to-read digital display.

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Dynasonic TFXL