Fozmula GLL28 Mechanical Level Gauge



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The Fozmula GLL28 Mechanical Level Gauge is a side mounted liquid level gauge which utilizes a float to move a pointer via a magnetic coupling. The internal mechanism of the gauge is a simple and reliable system which does not employ the use of any electrical input.

Solid Aluminium barrier prevents leakage through the dial face. Dial capsule is replaceable without the need to remove the gauge. Rugged design and construction


Flange: Aluminium
Deck: Aluminium
Lever Arm: Aluminium

Float: Plastic(HDPE)
Gasket: Nitrite Rubber

Dial Capsule Components:

Dial: Aluminium
Pointer: Aluminium
Screen: Polycarbonate


93mm x 6mm thick
50mm x 10mm thick
40mm long x 10mm wide x 10swg
29mm x 60mm long
94mm x1.5mm thick

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Data Sheet GLL28