Mechanical Level Gauges GLL63 Series


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Please Note:  Due to a factory change, the GLL43 Gauges will be phased out and replaced by the GLL63 Gauges. The only difference will be the GLL63 Gauges have a Nylon Head and an Aluminium Guide Rail.

Data Sheet GLL63 Liquid Level Contents Gauge

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The mechanical level gauges GLL63 Series

They are mounted vertically from the top of the tank so as the liquid level changes, the float follows that change and uses a magnetic coupling to transfer that motion from the float to the level indicator dial.
The gauges are completely sealed so there is no risk of the tank contents leaking through the gauges header.

The gauges can also be fitted with an electrical interfacing dial indicator, as well as indicators with set switching points.

Fluid Types: Fluids compatible with the construction materials.

GLL63 Construction:

Header: 30% Glass Filled Nylon 66

Guide Rail: Anodised 6005-T5 Aluminium

End Cap: 30% Glass Filled Nylon 66

End Cap Screw: A2 Stainless Steel

Spiral drive: 316 Stainless Steel

Float: Polypropylene

Dial capsule: Polycarbonate

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