Gas Actuated Thermometer

Suitable for raw and ambient conditions, the Gas Actuated Thermometer features quality Stainless Steel construction, a short response time, nominal sizes and measuring ranges available from -200 … 50° up to 0 … 700°C.

Technical Datasheet

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The measuring system in the gas thermometers consists of the stem, capillary and Bourdon tube in a case. These parts are connected to form a unit. The complete measuring system is filled with an inert gas under pressure.

A temperature change causes the internal pressure in the stem to change. The deflection of the Bourdon tube thus caused is transmitted to the pointer by a movement.

An extensive range of standard versions facilitates a variety of applications. In addition, special customised versions are available. Thermowells for screw or welded fitting are available in copper alloy, steel and stainless steel materials.

  • 60mm Temperature Gauge
  • 0..+120°C
  • Panel Mounting with Clamp
  • 2x change-over switches
  • 3m Capillary
  • IP65
  • Male Nut with Thermowell
  • G1/2″BSPP Thread
  • 50mm Insertion Length