Gas Actuated Thermometer


The measuring system in the gas thermometers consists of the stem, capillary and Bourdon tube in a case. These parts are connected to form a unit. The complete measuring system is filled with an inert gas under pressure.

A temperature change causes the internal pressure in the stem to change. The deflection of the Bourdon tube thus caused is transmitted to the pointer by a movement.

An extensive range of standard versions facilitates a variety of applications. In addition, special customised versions are available. Thermowells for screw or welded fitting are available in copper alloy, steel and stainless steel materials.

Data Sheet Gas Actuated Thermometer

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  • 60mm Temperature Gauge
  • 0..+120 degC
  • Panel Mounting with Clamp
  • 2x change-over switches
  • 3m Capillary
  • Male Nut with Thermowell
  • G1/2″BSPP
  • 50mm Insertion Length