Liquid Level Sensor TLL352


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A range of highly advanced for continuously measuring the contents of a fuel tank. The unique feature of the Liquid Level Sensor is that it recalibrates itself, when a liquid with a different dielectric constant is used.

For example, if use in a tank of conventional diesel, then the user can refill with bio-diesel and the sensor will correct the output level automatically.

Options include a level alarm point, set at any point along the stem to be either high or low level, and any suitable receptacle or cable requirement specified by the user.


    • Probe length: Min 200mm, Max 2000mm (Min 7.9”, Max 78.7”)


    • Supply voltage: 9-32 VDC with 80V over voltage protection
    • Supply current: 15mA@12Vdc + output load
    • Connections: 500mm long 18AWG XPE flying leads. Misconnection protection is provided
    • Accuracy: ±2.0% of depth @ 20ºC (+68ºF)


    • Housing: Die cast aluminium
    • Internal sensor: Aluminium
    • Sensor tube: Anodised aluminium
    • Wetted seals: PTFE, Polypropylene & Nitrile
    • Internal insulators: PTFE

Fluid Liquid:

Diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, petrol, water or any liquid which is compatible with the materials of construction.