PDK PDR1000 Digital Pressure Gauge

Technical Datasheet

The PDK PDR1000 Digital Pressure Gauge offers the best performance in its class and is produced with PDK’s unique pressure calibration technology. The PDR1000 offers 0.025% Full-Scale Accuracy, simple button touch operation for various functions, an analogue output option and a built-in data logging function. The PDR1000 is the perfect solution for systems that require near-perfect pressure performance.

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    • 110mm Dial
    • Bottom-Entry Thread Connection
    • Ultra-High 0.025% Full-Scale Accuracy
    • Analogue Output Option Available
    • Built-in Datalogging Function
  • Simple Button Touch Operation
  • Full selection of pressure units to display:
    mbar, bar , MPa, mmH20, inHg, mmHg, kgf/cm2, atm, psi, kPa
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Min/Max Function
  • Calibration Function
  • Silicone Cover Included


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