Portable Hydraulic Test Kits

Purpose built for testing valves, cylinders, pumps and motors, as well as power shift/ hydrostatic transmissions and power steering systems in mobile/stationary applications.
Flo-Tech’s portable hydraulic testers measure flow rate, temperature and pressure simultaneously, with the option to include the power of the hydraulic fluid.

These are compact and reliable units that take advantage of turbine flow meter technology and is designed for ease of operation and safety.

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Technical Datasheet

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  • High and low set point alarms for flow, pressure and temperature
  • Captures pressure spikes up to 10,000psi (0.2 milliseconds duration)
  • Exports saved data to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs
  • USB powered
  • Calculates Hydraulic Power
  • Logs up to 12 hours and records alarm history

Flo-Tech portable hydraulic testers are compact and portable units, designed for fast, diagnostic trouble-shooting of mobile and stationary hydraulic systems.

The Flo-Check USB Hydraulic System Analyser utilises a data acquisition module to record the operating parameters of the hydraulics system and transfers them to the user’s laptop computer, where multiple operating parameters (bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature, power) may be monitored in real time.

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