Ultrasonic Flowmeters

In the GTS online product shop you will find a broad range of Ultrasonic Flowmeters that will fit a variety of applications and industries. Ultrasonic Flowmeters are inferential meters that implement ultrasonic technology to measure the velocity of acoustically conductive liquid that is moving. The two types of ultrasonic flowmeter technologies are: Doppler Shift and Transit Time.

Transit-Time measures the time differential between signals sent both downstream and upstream. This differential is proportional to the velocity of the water. Transit-Time meters are best applied in the use of measuring the flow of clean liquids and are, as a result of this, generally the most popular type of ultrasonic flowmeter. Doppler Shift acquires and measures the difference in frequency of the existing sound wave that is being reflected off particles or gas bubbles, and is suitable for liquids that are classified as dirty or aerated.

GTS stocks a variety of Ultrasonic Flowmeters that suit every application. Whether you are looking for the Clamp-On DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeter, featuring a non-intrusive design and wide-velocity range, or if you are in the market for the TFX-500w Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter that features a Bi-Directional Flow Measurement System and no moving parts to maintain, prolonging the longevity of the device’s service life, GTS will provide you with the perfect instrument to suit whatever application you need.

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