Temperature Transmitters

The GTS Temperature Transmitters includes:

Model TEU: simple programming, integrated USB allow GTS to program the sensor to your custom temperature range, high accuracy: 0,2% of measuring range, reprogrammable, output signal: 4..20 mA

PT Compact Plus: compact dimensions, easy handling, cost-efficient, short delivery times, optional with transmitter with  4-20mA or 0-10V, output customised solutions.

Tesis model TC 400 (Electronic temperature switches with LED Display): compact dimensions, simple handling, cost-effective, short delivery times and customised solutions.

TC 400 (T5400) 2 x switch outputs

TC 410 (T5410)  1 x switch and 1x 4-20mA outputs

TC 420 (T5420) 2 x switch and 1x 4-20mA outputs


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