S285 Coolant Level Switch



Technical Datasheet

S285 Troubleshooting Guide

The Fozmula S285 is an an active device that is designed to produce an alarm signal if the water or coolant fluids fall or rise to an unacceptable level. With options to feature a ’10 Second Delay’ or ‘No Delay’ function, The S285 provides you with the opportunity to reduce false alarms in oscillating fluid levels.

The S285 features a programmable microprocessor  and can offer either one or two output pins that can sink to ground, supply a source voltage or both. With its tiny spatial footprint and limited tank intrusions translates to a reduced damage risk, the S285 is optimised for performance and longevity.

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Fluid Types:

Water-based fluids compatible with Brass, PTFE and NBR rubber

Electrical Rating:

  • Supply Voltage: 5 VDC or 7 – 35 VDC
  • Supply Current: 1.5mA + source output
  • Max. Load Current: 1.0A (sink) or 20mA (source)
  • Alarm Delay Time: 0 – 25 secs rising or falling (factory set)
  • Connection: 4 way Delphi Packard connector
  • Start-up Delay: 1 – 5 secs


  • Body: Brass
  • Probe: PTFE
  • Terminals: SAE CA210Brass, Tin Plated
  • Seals: NBR rubber
  • Connector: 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6
  • Thread sealant: Vibra-Seal 516