Syphons, Snubbers, Cooling Towers and Diaphragm Seals


GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches offers a large range of pressure accessories to help optimise and sustain the longevity of your engineering instrument.

GTS supplies the following accessories: Snubbers, Syphons, Cooling Towers and Diaphragm Seals.

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Snubbers are regularly used in the application to alleviate the risk of pressure spikes and pulses to your gauge and maintain its working life.

Cooling Towers are used in the ventilation and cooling of a heat source to preserve your gauge. They instrument acts as a temperature barrier between the instrument and the seal eliminating any possible risk to your gauge.

Syphons are instruments that are designed in order to protect pressure devices from high-temperature forces, such as steam. They also function in the reduction of potentially damaging rapid pressure changes.

Diaphragm Seals separate the measuring instrument from medium it is measuring with the flexible nature of the seal allowing for pressure to cross the barrier but not the contained materials. They are often used in the protection of pressure sensors and gauges from the liquid being measured.