Tecsis Model P1453 Heavy Duty Pressure Gauge 63mm Rear Entry



Data Sheet P1453 & P1454

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The time proven system technology of the glycerine pressure gauges has been integrated in a new stainless steel case with modern design. This instrument fulfils the safety requirements of EN 837-1/S2.
The glycerine filling of the case protects the measuring system against wear by pulsating pressures and mechanical vibration; at the same time it provides lubrication of the moving parts.


      • 63mm diameter
      • High dynamic load
      • Rugged construction
      • Fulfills EN 837-1/S2 standard
      • Protection IP 65 (EN 60 529/IEC 529)
      • Low wear
      • Versatile applications
      • Custom modification to panel mounting with bracket (Model P1453)
      • Reducing of stocking costs
      • Low weight
      • Case Material stainless steel
      • Wetted Parts brass