TLL122 Series Adjustable Float Switches


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The TLL122 Series Adjustable Float Switches is a user adjustable vertical float switch that complements the other ranges of float switches in the Fozmula range. This float switch can be tailored by the user to suit a particular application, by adjusting the length of the float switch tube. It is also possible to select the switching contacts by inverting the float, giving either open on rise or close on rise operation. Mounting is via the 1″ BSP header. The unit is supplied part assembled, with detailed instructions for the user to complete assembly to the specifications of the application and to install the unit.

Standard Length: 500 mm
Thread: 1” BSPP

Liquid Types
Liquids compatible with construction materials, typically diesel, kerosene, petrol and water


Header: Brass

Stem: Brass

Float: Polypropylene

Float Stop: 304 Stainless Steel

Gasket: Klingersil C4324

Flange: Brass

Reed Contact Specification:

Max. Voltage: 250 VAC/VDC

Max. Current: 1A

Max Power: 10 VA

Thermostat Specification (Optional):

Max Voltage: 250 VAC/VDC

Max Current: 1A

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature: -20ºC to +70 ºC


Connector: DIN43660 3 Pin & Earth Connector