Dynasonics DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The Dynasonics  is a high quality ultrasonic flowmeter
Data Sheet Series DFX

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Non-intrusive, clamp-on sensor for most pipes from DN6 to DN1500 (1/4” to 59”). Wide velocity range: 0.05 to 9 m/s (0.15 to 30ft/s). Flexibility with automatic gain control and in-field linearization, the DFX will adapt to a wide variety of applications.
Microprocessor-based system: configuration and accumulation data stored in non-volatile flash ROM.


Successful applications of Doppler ultrasonics flow meter relies on certain physical constraints:
The liquid flowing within the pipe must contain 100ppm of useful sonic suspended reflectors. Dissolved solids do not generate reflections and are not relevant.
A significant portion of the ultrasound energy generated by the sensor must reach the sonic reflectors. The pipe must be completely filled with liquid when measurements are made. The DFX microprocessor assumes that the pipe is completely full when it calculates flow rate. Use on partially-filled pipes may result in inaccurate reading.