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What is the Function of a Voltmeter?

Voltmeters are devices that electrical circuitry utilises to measure the voltage, or potential variation, between two locations. They use a scale that is typically graded in volts, millivolts, or kilovolts to measure the voltages of either direct or alternating electric current. 

Voltmeters are panel-mounted instruments with the ability to show information and data in either analogue or digital display formats. A pointer on an analogue voltmeter travels in accordance with the voltage level along a scale. Digital voltmeters, in contrast, measure the potential deviation in the same manner and display it as a numerical value.

A variety of supply voltages and meter accuracy options are available inGTS's voltmeter range, suitable for AC and DC. We sell instruments in 8V-32V ranges in addition to our popular 12V Voltmeters.

Voltmeter Applications

Voltmeters are employed in a broad variety of industrial applications due to their ability to measure voltage levels in a variety of settings, such as tracking the voltage in stationary machinery or generators. Additionally, they are frequently employed in chemical processing facilities where readings of pressure, temperature, or fluid flow may be translated into measures of voltage.

Connecting a Voltmeter

A voltmeter should always be wired in parallel to your circuit since it is used to measure any potential difference. Because objects in a parallel meet the same potential difference, this allows for an accurate reading.


Analogue Voltmeters

Analogue voltmeters offer low power consumption advantages by using either dynamometers or permanent magnets as measurement elements. By creating a deflective force, moving iron voltmeters can measure both AC and DC currents. Because of the high torque-to-weight ratio, measurements are more accurate. Using the attraction, repulsion, or symmetry between two electrically charged plates, electrostatic voltmeters gauge the flow of current. Their advantages include a 200KV high voltage range capacity. 

At GTS we sell52mm Voltmeters that measure either 8-16V ranges or 16-32V. We also offerMarine specialised 52mm Voltmeters that measure the same ranges. 

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