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Liquid Level Sensors

TLL130 Series  by Fozmula Limited :  is designed for use in water, coolant or fuel/oil tanks and provides a factory set variable resistive, voltage or PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output suitable for driving industry standard fuel gauges or connecting into PLCs.

TLL171 Series by Fozmula Limited: fully featured for use in difficult and hostile environments, the sensor has a very small footprint with its advanced electronics being housed in the hexagon hexagon header. Probe length: Min 90mm. Max 500mm (Min3.5 Max19.7). Current source: 4-20mA.

TLL35x Series by Fozmula Limited: is that it auto compensate when a liquid with a different dielectric constant is used. Probe length: Min 150mm, Max 200mm static applications & 1000mm on mobile applications.  Ohm resistance, 4-20mA current  and  0-5 v, 0-10 v voltage.