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Turbine Flow Meters

The range of GTS Turbine Flow meters are designed to withstand the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications of both water and other liquids. With a wide range of turbine flow meters available that are able to measure both small and large quantities of a variety of different liquids, the GTS range of Turbine Flow Meters can be applied to many industries to provide accurate representations of flow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turbine Flow Meters

Q: Where are turbine flow meters used?

They are used to measure liquids with lower viscosity such as fuel and water and for applications requiring highly accurate and precise measurements.

Q: Which type of flow measurement does a turbine flow meter measure?

Volumetric total flow and flow rate measurement.

Q: How do turbine flow meters work?

When the fluid passes through, a rotor is activated and the movement is either electronically or mechanically transmitted outside. The rotor is turned by the fluid force, proportional to the flow rate. A sensor detects the passage of the rotor and supplies pulses, which can be utilised for digital or analogue signal processing. A large number of pulses provides high resolution. As the mass of the turbine is very small the response time is very short. 

Q: What are the advantages of a turbine flow meter?

Low manufacturing cost makes it a very price-effective option. A turbine flow meter can move low viscosity fluids (such as water) very easily and have a very low risk of breaking down or other problems. Their simple design makes them reliable, easy to understand and therefore not difficult to keep maintained and working.

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