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Mechanical Level Gauges

Here are all of our available Mechanical Level Gauges.

The Models GLL43/GLL63 Series vertical spiral gauges are mechanically operated liquid level gauges. The gauge is mounted vertically from the top of the tank so as the liquid level changes; the float follows that change and uses magnetic coupling to transfer that motion from the float to the needle. The gauge is completely sealed so there is no risk of the tank contents leaking through the gauge header. The gauge can also be fitted with an electrical interfacing dial indicator, as well as indicators with set switching points.

The GLL28 Series is a simple, robust, mechanical liquid level contents gauge using a float to move the dial pointer via a magnetic coupling. This prevents ingress of the tank contents into the indicator capsule. The gauge may be specified as a top or side-mounted variant. The gauge is supplied as standard with a 1.0 m, or optionally 0.5 m long float arm, which may be cut to suit a specific tank depth by the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanical Level Gauges

Q: What is the function of a mechanical level gauge?

Level gauges are sensing and measuring instruments that are used to detect the level of a fluid in a storage container. These devices are widely used in industrial process applications to measure the fluid levels in drums, tanks or other similar applications.

Q: What type of level gauges does GTS stock?

Our GLL63are 100% mechanical and vertically mounted from the top, using a magnetic float that moves along the spiral arm to move the dial when there is a rise or fall in liquid levels.

The GLL28 works similarly to the GLL63 except it can also be side-mounted and uses a float arm. Additionally, the solid head prevents leakage in and out of the tank.

Q: What liquid types are compatible with the level gauges?

The GLL63 and GLL28 are best suited for water, coolant, oils and diesel, but NOT petrol.

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