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Level Switches

GTS stock a large range of float level switches. Whether your fluid is water, diesel, petrol, or something else, GTS is sure to have a level switch to suit. GTS carry both top mounted or side mounted, and most level switches can be configured on site to change the electrical switching from Normally Open, to Normally Closed (or visa versa)

GTS can also offer custom built level switches like the Fozmula TLL70 range, where you can have up to 6 level switches on the one stem. A great vertical float level switch designed, around the proven and reliable magnet and reed switch principle.

The Fozmula TLL122 is a user-adjustable vertical float switch that complements the other ranges of float switches in the Fozmula range. This float switch can be tailored by the user to suit a particular application, by adjusting the length of the float switch tube. It is also possible to select the switching sense by inverting the float, giving either open on rise or close on rise operation. Mounting is via the 1″ BSP header. The unit is supplied part assembled, with detailed instructions for the user to complete assembly to the specifications of the application and to install the unit.

Level Alarm Switches mounted switch for sensing liquid levels. Fitted with a Packard connector all models have an inbuilt time delay to reduce the risk of intermittent switching through liquid turbulence and a wide selection of switching outputs. Model S85 and S86 is an active device that is designed to give an alarm signal if fluid falls below or rise above a present level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Level Switches

Q: What are level switches used for?

Level switches are used to indicate when a liquid level has reached a certain point.

Q: What are the different types of level switches?

GTS can offer custom-built level switches such as the  TLL70 range, where you can have up to 6 float switches on one stem. The TLL70 vertical float level switch is designed around the magnet and reed switch principle.

The TLL122 is designed to be trimmed to suit the user, making it perfect to be tailored fit to different tank sizes. The TLL122 also comes with the option to change the switch function between “Close-on-fall”, or, by turning the float, it can be set in the “Close-On-Rise” position.

The S285 & S286 switches are capacitive switches with no moving parts. Generally mounted at the desired switch point, these units are designed to give an alarm signal if liquid falls below, or rises above a pre-set level.

Q: How do I choose a level switch?

To help determine the most appropriate switch, we recommend knowing the following properties to suit your application:

  • The liquid being used
  • Where the switch will be mounted (top, side or bottom)
  • The preferred threading type
  • The length of the switch’s stem as well as the size & depth of the tank
  • The number of switch points required
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