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Temperature Gauges

GTS stocks a large range of temperature gauges that suit every application required. Our range of temperature gauges includes a variety of stem lengths, temperature ranges and sizes. Our gauges are constructed from high-quality brass and can withstand extreme temperatures and difficult conditions. If you are looking for a temperature gauge that is accurate, reliable and can be used in a wide range of industry applications, GTS has you covered. Browse from our range of temperature gauges, we offer 60mm through to 100mm temp gauges which are found in our product catalogue. Alternatively, get in touch with our team for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temperature Gauges

Q: What are temperature gauges used for?

The temperature gauges are used to show the current temperature of a fluid or ambient air.  GTS offers two types of temperature gauge; the Bimetal temperature gauges and the Capillary temperature gauge.

 Q: How do the temperature gauges work?

The bimetal thermometers have a metal coil that contracts or expands as the temperature changes. This causes a rotational movement that moves the temperature gauge dial.

Q: How do capillary temperature gauges work?

Temperature gauges with a capillary tube attached work by the expansion of the gas inside the capillary.  As the temperature in the bulb heats up, the gas expands, increasing pressure, which moves a bourdon tube, which moves the pointer.  At no point should the capillary tube be cut or opened. 

Q: How do I choose a temperature gauge?

The temperature gauge that you choose will be dependent on a few factors:

  1. Desired temperature range
  2. Dial size
  3. Pressure of media being used
  4. Preferred thread type & size
  5. Whether the stem needs to be on the bottom or back of the dial
  6. The desired length of the stem
  7. Stainless steel or brass materials
  8. Capillary length