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Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Air Pressure Gauges, Digital Oil Pressure Gauges and More!

GTS carries a range of digital pressure gauges that are the ideal solution for local digital displays independent of the mains in Australia. The integrated battery allows measurements to be made independent of a fixed power source. Accuracy, reliability and mechanical resilience make the digital gauge suitable for pressure measurement tasks in numerous applications. Many customers have seen success using our digital air pressure gauge and digital oil pressure gauges. Higher pressure ranges and accuracies are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Pressure Gauges

Q: What is a digital pressure gauge?

A digital pressure gauge is an electronic instrument that operates with electronic parts and displays the pressure value on an integrated digital display.

Q: How do digital pressure gauges work?

Digital pressure gauges work by converting the applied pressure into an electronic signal that is then displayed numerically on a digital display. Digital pressure gauges use a sensor/transducer to convert the pressure value into an electronic signal that is then translated into a digital reading.

Q: How often do digital pressure gauges need to be calibrated?

It is recommended at least once every twelve months. Calibration may be required more frequently, subject to the gauge operation time, pressure medium, environmental factors, as well as standard operating conditions and general maintenance.

Q: What is the difference between digital pressure gauges and analogue pressure gauges?

Digital pressure gauges convert the pressure value into a signal through the use of a sensor/transducer and displays the correlated reading on a digital display. Analogue pressure gauges use a mechanical component, such as a bourdon tube, to sense pressure. The bourdon tube is linked to a circular scale dial and needle that rotates mechanically with the pressure.

Q: Are digital pressure gauges more accurate than analogue pressure gauges?

Digital pressure gauges are more accurate than analogue pressure gauges due to being engineered with modern technology. Digital pressure gauges are electronic and only rely on the pressure being converted to an electronic signal in order to be measured. Due to their limited reliance on mechanical parts, digital pressure gauges are less at risk of wear and tear, better maintaining their accuracy over time.

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