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Variable Area Flow Meters

Our Variable Area Flow Meters are the benchmark in the industry standard. Constructed of aluminium, brass or steel and handling either water, oil, air or gas the range of Variable Area Flow Meters available at GTS cover every necessary application. With suitable options in a wide range of thread measurements and pressure thresholds, GTS has the Variable Area Flow Meter that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Variable Area Flow Meters

Q: What is a variable area flowmeter?

The variable area flow meter is an in-line flow meter used to measure the flow rate of liquids.

Q: How does a variable area flowmeter work?

Variable area flowmeters are very simple yet versatile flow measurement devices for use on all types of liquids. They operate on the variable area principle, whereby a flowing fluid changes the position of a float, piston, or vane to open a larger area for the passage of the fluid. The position of the float is used to give a direct visual indication of the flow rate.

Q: What are the advantages of a variable area flowmeter?

Variable area flowmeters are reasonably priced with simple construction making them easy to assemble and maintain. They do not require a power source to work and are simple to use with easily readable measurements.

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