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Pressure Gauges

Oil Pressure Gauges, Water Pressure Gauges, Air Pressure Gauges and More!

GTS stocks a large range of pressure gauges including supporting accessories in Australia. Our range of pressure gauges starts from vacuum gauges for negative pressure to compound gauges for both negative and positive pressure. Built from high-quality stainless steel, our pressure gauges provide accurate readings and can withstand tough environments. Available in 63mm to 100mm gauges sizes, we offer standard and digital gauges to best suit your application requirements and are available for the bottom and rear entry. Whether you're looking for an oil pressure gauge or an air pressure gauge we have you covered.

These pressure gauges can measure up to 15000 psi or 1000 bar and are ideal for a wide range of uses across different industries. Our supporting accessories for pressure gauges include pointers, rubber protection shrouds, adapters, snubbers dials and more. Check out our product catalogue today for a full range of details and specifications, or get in touch with the team at GTS for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Gauges

Q: What is a pressure gauge used for?

As the name suggests, a pressure gauge is an instrument used to measure and display the amount of force of a liquid or gas applied on a unit area. They are essential for troubleshooting and fine-tuning of fluid powered machinery. Pressure gauges support hydraulic systems by monitoring leakages or any pressure changes that could affect operating conditions.

Q: How do pressure gauges measure pressure?

Conventional pressure gauges contain an elastic, C-shaped tube inside called the Bourdon tube, which produces movement when pressure is applied to it. The Bourdon pressure gauge works by measuring the amount of change in a coiled or semicircular metal tube by a pressurized fluid inside. This is due to the principle that a flattened tube tends to regain its circular form when pressurized.

Q: What are the different types of pressure gauges?

At GTS our range of pressure gauges extend to;

Mechanical pressure gauges – The most common type available

Digital pressure gauges – Electronic signal, higher accuracy

Capsule pressure gauges – Low pressures

Vacuum gauges – Negative pressure (suction)

Compound pressure gauges – Negative + positive pressure displayed on the dial

Q: What options are available for my pressure gauge?

Application – The environment in which the gauge will be used. Some of the more popular applications include oil pressure gauges, water pressure gauges and air pressure gauges.

Pressure range/scales – kPa, bar, psi,

Size – The dial sizes range from 40mm up to 160mm

Material – Pressure Gauges are available with brass parts or all stainless steel. Certain applications or environments may require non-corrosive metal so it should be considered when choosing your material type.

Connection type - Bottom or rear connection entry

Thread type and size – The most common thread types are BSPT and BSPP in 3/8”,1/4” or 1/2” size.

Glycerine filling option – If your application environment involves high pressure, glycerine filling can dampen the moving parts to ensure precise readability, and reduce wear and tear on your gauge.

Choosing the right options will help you get the perfect pressure gauge for your application at a reasonable cost and save you time when contacting us.

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