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GTS412 Bi-Metal Temperature Gauge


paper-clip Technical Datasheet

 The GTS412 temperature gauges are suitable for use in numerous applications such such as HVAC, boilers and heating systems as well as machinery manufacturing. They are equipped with a thermowell with a dual function:

  1. Protecting the stem
  2. Ease of future replacements

The GTS412 is cost effective but it has enjoyed the same care in the production process as more expensive models.


  • 63mm or 100mm dial size
  • Option of 50 or 100mm stem length for 63mm gauges
  • Measurable temperature ranges from -30 to 200°C
  • Temperature element: Bi-metal sensor
  • Copper alloy stem
  • Galvanized steel casing
  • Thermowell material: Brass (412-63B), SS316 (412-100B)