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Rubber Protection Shrouds



GTS stocks a range of rubber protection shrouds in 63mm and 100mm sizes that complement our popular line of gauges.

Our range of rubber covers are available in three colour options for 63mm gauges (blue, black and red) and two colour options for 100mm gauges (blue and black).

These rubber protection shrouds can also be colour coordinated to match whatever source is being monitored (blue for water, red for temperature, black for pressure, etc).

The GTS Rubber Protections Shrouds are long-lasting and tough and will protect your gauge, increasing its service life.


  • Protect your gauge from difficult environments—increasing its service life and overall performance
  • Impacts, corrosion, and shocks are all protected by the rubber coverings.
  • Colour-coordinate your gauges to match your monitoring system: red for temperature, black for pressure, blue for water
  • Compliments many GTS pressure gauges
  • Available in 63mm(red, blue and black) and 100mm(blue and black) sizes
  • 63mm Rubber Protection Shroud fits: P1453, P1454, P2032, P2033
  • 100mm Rubber Protection Shroud fits: P1776, P1777, P1778, P1779, P2325, P2329