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Blancett® B3000 Turbine Flow Monitor


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The B3000 Flow Monitor is an easy-to-use device for the high-performance display of any flow metering application. With superior flow monitoring technology providing a multitude of valuable features, the B3000 Flow Monitor is durable, flexible and the perfect addition to your flow measurement toolkit.


  • The acceptance of low-level frequency input signals
  • The use of frequency information to calculate flow rate and total flow
  • Features built-in programming buttons that allow the selection of rate units, total units and unit time intervals and more
  • Easily reconfigured in the field or on site
  • Has the option to show simultaneously both rate and total, or the B3000 can alternate between rate and grand total
  • Comprehensive alarm parameters that provide quick warning when change occurs in process
  • Offers visibility and control of batch operations
  • Superior connectivity options that allow advanced networking capabilities
  • Solar, Battery and Loop Power options available
  • Various mounting and enclosure options