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Attachable LCD-Digital Indicator


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Designed for the digital display of sensor signals, the GTS Attachable LCD-Digital Indicator is able to be set to a desired measuring range, on-site by available programming controls. Giving you the numbers when and where you need them the Attachable LCD Digital Indicator is accurate, reliable and perfect for any job.

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The programming is handled via easy-to-access and easy-to-use flush-mounted keys below the front covering of the Indicator. Precise readability is ensured by an available programmable damper, indicating value conditional of pulsation or if pressure peaks occur.

Having the opportunity to be attachable provides an ideal solution for local indication with simultaneous signal transmission. Due to its simple operation function and mounting of the attachable indicator, this display has the option to be retrofitted to existing pressure or temperature sensors which are already in in use. Process monitoring is accomplished by a built-in limit contact solution, with any transmitter with a 4..20 mA output able to connected to the Indicator. Power is supplied to the monitor by the existing loop current.


  • LCD 4-Digit Display
  • Accuracy +/-0.2%, +/-1 digit
  • Freely Programmable Adjustment Range
  • 4..20 mA Signal Sensors
  • Power Supply From Loop Current