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PDK PDR1000 Digital Pressure Gauge

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The PDK PDR1000 Digital Pressure Gauge offers the best performance in its class and is produced with PDK's unique pressure calibration technology. The PDR1000 offers 0.025% Full-Scale Accuracy, simple button touch operation for various functions, an analogue output option and a built-in data logging function. The PDR1000 is the perfect solution for systems that require near-perfect pressure performance.

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  • 110mm Dial
  • Bottom-Entry Thread Connection
  • Ultra-High 0.025% Full-Scale Accuracy
  • Analogue Output Option Available
  • Built-in Datalogging Function
  • Simple Button Touch Operation
  • Full selection of pressure units to display:
  • mbar, bar , MPa, mmH20, inHg, mmHg, kgf/cm2, atm, psi, kPa
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Min/Max Function
  • Calibration Function
  • Silicone Cover Included