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PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Test Kit


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The PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Flow Test Kits are designed for the fast diagnostic troubleshooting of hydraulic systems. Able to monitor multiple operating parameters, such as flow rate, pressure and temperature, in real-time, the PFM6 features a simple operation with a toggle switch and load valve. Compact, reliable and accurate, Flo-Tech's PFM6 is built for easy operation, accurate results and complete safety.

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  • Designed for fast diagnostic troubleshooting of hydraulic systems
  • Available in up to 757 LPM (litres per minute)
  • Monitor multiple operating parameters in real-time including flow, pressure and temperature
  • Large 3½" display for flow and temperature
  • +1% of full-scale flow accuracy
  • Load valve for fine control
  • Uni-directional, Bi-directional and USB powered options available