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TLL70 Multi-Float Level Switch

Please fill out the TLL70 Custom Spec Sheet and send it through to GTS at for a direct quote.

If you require a 4 Hole Flange for this product please see here

paper-clipCustom Spec Sheet

paper-clip Technical Datasheet

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The Fozmula TLL70 is a multi-float level switch that can be custom built by GTS to fit whatever application you need. The TLL70 has the versatility to feature up to 6 switch points, be anywhere up to 2 metres in length, is compatible with both diesel, water and other types of liquids, and comes with a standard 1" BSP thread connection. The TLL70 proves its versatility and suitability for any industry and application.


  • Customised to your specific application by GTS
  • Up to 6 switching points
  • Anywhere up to 2 metres in length
  • 1" BSP Connection
  • Compatible with diesel, water and other liquids
  • Designed with the magnet and reed switch principle