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Turbine Flow Meter VISION with ILR Display


paper-clip Vision Turbine Flow Meter Datasheet

The Vision Turbine meters are ideal for the metering of small quantities of liquids. Present flow rate and total flow can be displayed . The VISION 1000 series is most suited for small flow rates up to 2,5l/min. The VISION 2000 series can be used in applications from 0,5 to 35l/min and the VISION 3000 series offers a wider flow range of 5 to 65 l/min.

These meters are best suited for flow measurement of demineralized water, alkaline solutions, oils/salad oil, fuel oil beverages, water solutions or for fuel and fuel consumption. They are especially ideal for washing machines and dish washers, coffee machines, laser cooling systems, solar plants, bakery and steam cooking machines in large kitchen plants and also CD cleaning.

The electronic display version ILR 701T to display the instant flow and total flow rate. As a battery-powered, meter mounted display providing instant and total flow rate for the VISION 2000 and VISION 3000.