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Download the GTS Converter App

Smartphones. They're your best friends some days, and now, we're putting them to work!

The GTS Converter App for mobile is an app that helps you convert measurements of all kinds to make your job easier. Now you can focus on the tools rather than the small, annoying maths or that clunky calculator that's always just out of reach. Let GTS handle that for you.

Need something converted from pounds to kilograms? The GTS Converter App can do that! Need to know what US Gal/hr is in Litre/Min? The GTS Converter App can do that too!

In fact, I'm pretty sure the GTS Converter App can do everything.

The GTS Converter App for smartphones can handle conversions for pressure, temperature, flow, force, volume, length and weight.

And each category really lets you dig in deep with the possible conversions. Pressure alone features all kinds of measurements to convert:

  • psi
  • bar
  • mBar
  • MPa
  • kPa
  • Pa
  • Kg/m2
  • ft H20
  • in H20
  • mm H20
  • Torr

And that's just pressure!

Now imagine that for every category. So why worry about conversions when there's an app to do all the hard work for you? Exactly! Don't! And here's the best part. The app is FREE! That's right, completely free. So there's no reason for you not to download it. Download the GTS app today! No matter what job you've got ahead of you, or what measurement needs to be converted, the GTS Converter app for smartphones is going to be your new best friend.

You can find it on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

And, don't forget, for all your instrumentation needs, you're always welcome at GTS. Swing by the shop at 6 Dayana Close, Midvale WA or give our sales team a call on (08) 6117 1294 or shoot them through an email on