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Fozmula T/LL150 & T/LL151 (Blog Post)

The Fozmula T/LL150 and T/LL151 Capacitance Liquid Level Sensors are the most flexible level sensor on the market today. They're a vertically-mounted level sensor that allows for the continuous monitoring of liquid levels. Not only are they made from the quality parts that world-leading brand Fozmula are recognised for, they also allow their users to custom fit them to whatever tank or job they need. The biggest feature of the Fozmula T/LL150 and T/LL151 is the fact that they can be Cut-To-Length, whether on-site or in your workshop, you have the ability to measure and alter the liquid level sensor to whatever length you need.

The Fozmula T/LL150 and T/LL151 are available in two lengths: the 500 millimetre and the 1000 millimetre lengths. The distinguishing factor between the two models are their respective signal outputs. The T/LL150 outputs to Ohm, whereas the T/LL151 outputs to voltage. So no matter what system of units you are outputting to, The Fozmula T/LL150 and T/LL151 will fit your need in more ways then one. Both models have a 1/2"BSPT Connection. Supplied in standard lengths, the T/LL150 and T/LL151 are more than ideal for any immediate or custom jobs that require a flexible level sensor.

Fozmula also support their products well. A video on their website shows the exact process required for custom-fitting their level sensors to any length. It's a simple process that any technician will be able to accomplish easily.

The Fozmula T/LL150 and T/LL151 are the go-to gauge when you need something reliable and flexible. Supplied in standard lengths, they give you the opportunity to alter the sizes to fit any tank or job that you are working on.

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