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GTS 2021 Product Guide Out Now!

The All-New GTS 2021 Product Guide is now available! Featuring the brand new product ranges for the KUS line of marine and generator engine monitoring products as well as the new range of PDK Digital Gauges and Test Kits.The new KUS range of engine monitoring products are perfect for auto-electricians who need to have quality senders for level, pyro, temperature and pressure and require the gauge to go with. With new marine-style gauges with a thick black bezel and a higher Ingress Protection value, our new range of KUS gauges cover: oil and water pressure, GPS, Tachometers and pyrometers. GTS also stocks resistance alarms and converters, giving you more options for optimal functionality for use with your existing gauges and senders.

The new PDK range of Digital Pressure Gauges and Test Kits offer accurate and reliable performance while delivering a long-service life. Featuring the PDR100, PDR250, PDR500 and PDR1000, the PDK range of Digital Pressure Gauges offer high-accuracy, calibration functions, backlit LCD display and a full range of pressure units and ranges available. Test Kits with the brand new range of PDK Digital Pressure Gauges also comes with the required hose and fittings, making it ready to use for the job you're on.

The All-New GTS 2021 Product Guide also features our existing tried and true quality industrial instrumentation products that you already know and love. To get your free copy, download the 2021 Product Guide HERE, or use the below contact form and leave your company name and mailing address and GTS will send you a hard copy at NO CHARGE.

For all your industrial instrumentation needs, choose GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches today!