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Flo-Tech Range

GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches, proudly stocks and distributes a range of flowmeters and testers from the brand Flo-tech. Flo-tech is a leading and respected brand, that provides turbine meters for hydraulic fluids and portable testers, and has been for over 45 years.

Flo-tech provides dependable and durable, oil metering turbines that can operate at a high pressure, and they also provide GTS with hydraulic testers that are extremely accurate and reliable.

If you're goal is reduce your expenses, and reduce your expensive vehicle and machine down time, than consider our range of Flo-tech products. With their highly advanced data logging capabilities and their ability to detect pressure spikes, the Flo-tech range of products are extremely cost effective and provide you with the opportunity to complete preemptive maintenance and stop repairs before they need to happen.

For easy power pack and system troubleshooting, the Flo-tech portable testers provide the best option. With built-in loading valves and a range of other specialties, the Flo-tech range has your maintenance needs sorted!

Operator safety is always a high priority, which is why the internal burst discs guarantee it. This also comes with the added benefit or minimising the costly clean-ups and system refills.

With GTS being an Australian agent, most of our Flo-tech products are EX-STOCK, you know what that means ... we've got them right here, sitting on the shelf, ready and waiting for you. This means fast delivery times and low-shipping costs, benefits that we can pass on straight to you, our valued client and customer.

Badger Meter also has dedicated sales offices for their Flo-tech range that provides local and worldwide support for Flo-tech products.

And don't forget, our exceptional sales staff are always willing to help out. You're always welcome in the GTS store, located at 6 Dayana Close, Midvale Western Australia. Or you can always give our staff a call on (08) 6117 1294 or send an email through to and we'll help you out.