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GTS Solves Flow Issue For BHP

In a remote mining facility in Western Australia, BHP needed a cost-effective and robust solution for the continuous monitoring of oil flow under difficult conditions. Mining facilities rely strongly on flow measurement instrumentation. Measuring the flow of oil helps to keep lubrication levels of conveyor belts at optimal levels, reducing the break down of the conveyor gearbox and extending its service life, saving companies lost revenue.

This is where GTS comes into the picture. Oil flow monitoring is essential to preventative maintenance programs, especially for iron ore conveyors. Unreliable flow measurement systems with no IP (Ingress Progress) rating and that required the use of specialised adapters for installation and the adjustment of meter settings prevent BHP from performing at an optimal level.

Engineers at Mt. Whaleback mine replaced their existing meters with high-quality instruments that were capable of dealing with the specific conditions presented in outback Western Australia. BHP contacted GTS and sought out the expert advice of our instrumentation professionals to find the very best flow meter for the specific application they needed.

If you want to read more, you can read all about it here. GTS offers only the very best in engineering instrumentation for a wide variety of industries. If you want to receive the same expert advice as BHP, contact the GTS Team HERE, stop by our store front at 6 Dayana Place Midvale WA 6056 or call GTS on (08) 9250 4400.