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Hedland Variable-Area Flowmeter (Blog Post)

GTS stocks an extensive range of Hedland Variable-Area Flowmeters. Hedland, who are a leading manufacturer of flow measurement solutions, only provide the highest quality flowmeters for a broad range of applications. Able to measure water-based or petroleum-type fluids, the Hedland Variable-Area range of Flowmeters are also designed to handle a variety of differing pressures and temperatures. The flowmeters feature an immediate indication on an easy-to-read linear scale to confirm correct machinery operation levels; they suit various industries and demanding applications. These flowmeters are one of the most readable flowmeters on the market with bright indicators that feature easy-to-read and bold-faced gauge marks and numerals. This optimised resolution eliminates many parallax issues associated with other flowmeters.

The design and manufacture of the Hedland Variable-Area Flowmeters, which utilises a piston assembly and metering cone, remain unaffected by gravity, meaning that they can be mounted in any direction making them a flexible and reliable, cost-effective flowmeter.

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